Cannabis Delivery. Redefined
No heating. Burn free
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Accurate & Reproducible
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VEOLI is an Israeli-based technology company dedicated to developing a unique solution for cannabis delivery. This entails simplifying and improving the experience for consumers in need of cannabis therapy. Our breakthrough technology does not involve heating or vaping of cannabis preserving all optimal properties allowing users to inhale an accurate therapeutic dosage.

VEOLI is Uniquely positioned to address a significant and important market need, and is currently seeking investors and partners who share the vision of bringing a revolutionary new approach to this rapidly expanding industry.


At VEOLI, we are focused on developing a breakthrough technology for cannabis delivery.

By changing the way cannabis is delivered we are optimizing cannabis therapy:  our system preserves all natural, and clinical properties while enabling the active ingredients accurately and efficiently reach the lungs.

Veoli Device and Capsule

Veoli device is based on a unique medical inhaler technology (unique Nebulizer technology) which is able to convert a cannabis extract formula into fine aerosol (micron-sized droplets)

Disposable and proprietary personalized dose capsule containing VEOLI Nano oil-free formulations

  • VEOLI oil-free formulations is safe, odorless and tasteless
  • Daily use, disposable  capsule ensures safety and accurate dose
  • Technology can benefit Pediatrics
  • Technology allows to modify any existing brand of cannabis (liquid based) formulation to VEOLI Nano oil-free formulations for inhalation.
  • Manufactured under GMP with a three-year shelf life
  • Holds pharmaceutical grade aerosol (droplets size < 5 microns**)

Our Team

We are a highly experienced, cohesive team of executives and experts with a track record of success. Company is lead by:

Tzur Di-Cori


A business-oriented executive with a proven record of excellence. Mr. Di-Cori has more than 15 years of experience in executive positions at several successful medical device and high-tech companies in which he held different managerial positions. Tzur is a talented entrepreneur, with exceptional team building capabilities and leadership skills. Highly motivated, ROI oriented and an expert in building business strategy and strategic business plan including funds raising.

Mr. Ben-Efraim

Chief Financial Officer

Mr Ben-Efraim is an experienced, senior CFO of global companies with more than 20 years’ experience in the finance and accounting domain. Koby served in Israeli high-tech companies like DSPC Group, and held a number of positions, including Chief Accountant and El-Op’s Deputy Controller in charge of tax and
accounting. From 2003, Mr. Ben-Efraim served as the Corporate CFO in a global medical devices manufacturer and services provider company. Mr. Ben-Efraim holds a B.A in Economics and Accounting from Tel Aviv University, and is a Certified Public Accountant (IL).

Eran Toledo


Dr. Eran Toledo, is an experienced executive, with a strong background in both academic research and industrial development projects. Eran was VP Research and Development with Aspect Imaging, a well-established startup in the field of MRI. Before that, Eran was VP Research and Development with BSP, Biological Signal Processing, a startup company that developed a novel marker of ischemic heart disease based on a unique approach to ECG signal analysis. Eran was a Fulbright scholar at the University of Chicago, and also served as a research officer at the IDF Signal Corps.

Liat Hadad


Liat Hadad, VP of Business Development brings extensive experience in Life Sciences and high-tech companies including Innovation, Investments, Business Development, Sales and Marketing.
Liat served as a VP BD at Ramot, the TTO Tel Aviv Universityew technologies from Academia to Industry. Prior to Ramot, Liat was a Global Marketing Director, ophthalmology department at Lumenis, and the VP of BD & Marketing at Allium Medical, a company specializing in minimally invasive medical devicesLiat served as an Investment Manager at Giza Venture Capital and was actively involved in in-depth due diligence processes and funding strategies for Israeli Life Sciences companies


Veoli’s is based on a unique medical inhaler technology which is able to convert liquids, a cannabis extract formula into isolated micron-sized droplets, which can be inhaled and absorbed into the lungs and conveyed into the bloodstream in a precise and effective way.

Droplet size

optimal for lungs absorption

Heat free process

no toxins, no loss of cannabinoids and terpenes, clinical properties remain unaltered

Unique & proprietary formulation

No cannabis exhale

zero risk for second smokers

High efficiency: 99% absorbency

due to full synchronization: device patient’s inhale

Reproducible therapeutic effect

due to dosage accuracy

Full control

on level of active ingredients in formulation


VEOLI’s inhaler is a portable handheld device. The device contains the unique VEOLI cannabis oil-free formulation, filled in a sterilized capsule, designed to deliver an accurate dose of cannabis directly to the lungs for maximum blood flow absorption:

Cannabis not released in exhalation – no second-hand smoke

Mini-dose of aerosol available during inhalation

Droplet size < 5 microns for optimal lung absorption size

The inhaler is easy to hold, simple to operate and can be used unobtrusively

Connection to a smartphone allows for remote dosing and monitoring by a clinician

Line of different  disposable capsules cartridges for various indications

Rechargeable multi-use device, disposable one-day capsule, protected by RFID chip (for date-code, strain type, dosage, treatment type, and user details).


VEOLI is working together with UNV medical to produce cannabis extracts, using ground breaking techniques and creating new and innovative scientific formulas.

VEOLI is looking to partner with strong, value-based strategic partners to optimize cannabis therapy brought worldwide.

We are currently looking for partners with state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and production capabilities, to be linked interdependently with VEOLI and in order to produce and distribute high quality and uniquely formulated medical cannabis as well as a best-in-class medical grade inhaler

Our Investors


Veoli’s is based on a unique medical inhaler technology which is able to convert liquids, a cannabis extract formula into isolated micron-sized droplets, which can be inhaled and absorbed into the lungs and conveyed into the bloodstream in a precise and effective way.

Merchavia completes investment in cannabis co Veoli
Merchavia Announces First Investment Agreement in the Medical Cannabis Sector

Univo together with VEOLI collaborates to develop Cannabis Inhaler Formulation